CEEL Summer Symposium

shutterstock_359200724CEEL Summer Symposium – July 23-27, 2018
The Woodlands, TX (Houston area)

The CEEL Summer Symposium brings together the education world’s most interesting, innovative people for two days of ideas, conversation, and collaboration unlike any you have seen before. And you are invited!

This annual Symposium has a simple concept: presenters have been asked to present on the thing no one else will invite them to say. We want our speakers to challenge the status quo, push the envelope, and shake things up in the name of better education. We hope this say-anything approach will free all of us from the traditional “sit-and-git” conference model and spark urgent, thoughtful dialogue on our current and future practices.

As a participant, you will not only experience inspiring sessions by innovative leaders and speakers. You will also be called to action as we process our take-aways from the Symposium and act on them. To help you take these steps, the Symposium will offer you a chance to engage in informal Q&As with our presenters, to share challenges and solutions in breakout sessions, to hear student voice front and center, and to network with the best and brightest thinkers in the field. You will leave with your eduction spark re-ignited and an address book full of new “colleagues” from around the world to grow and collaborate with.

Check back at the end of November for registration information, or sign up for our monthly newsletter (which will have all the details) here.