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Launch of the Cohort of Educators for Essential Learning – (CEEL)

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Like many educators, I want school to be a place where students’ lives are changed, where their innate talent is sparked and cultivated by the educators and programs around them. I know many educators who feel the same way, whether they are in Bangkok, Madrid, or Houston, and who are looking for a network to share and grow with.

In this spirit, I created an organization, the Cohort of Educators for Essential Learning (CEEL), that unites like-minded educators around the globe. CEEL welcomes teachers, administrators, counselors, coaches, professors, policy-makers, and consultants. Together, we share, collaborate, inspire, support, and seek feedback from each other in the name of bettering learning and schooling as we know it. Think of CEEL as your own personal brain trust, no matter where you live.

The CEEL mission sums up our philosophy:

We believe our job is to change students’ lives. We believe in developing the innate interests and talent of learners. We believe in honest feedback and reflection. We believe in asking thought-provoking, challenging questions, not just of our students but also of ourselves. We believe all educators and learners have an essential spark inside them, and we aim to ignite it.

CEEL has five Core Values that help us on our mission: Questioning, Compassion, Autonomy, Feedback, and Talent Development. Together, these Core Values constitute what we believe to be truly essential to school learning.

You can join CEEL (it’s free!) to get all the latest news, participate in a Facebook community, take part in the fall book study, or sign up for the annual CEEL Summer Symposium.

It’s time for a cohort of like-minded disruptors to come together to spark innovation, challenge, and change. Are you with us?

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